Power Generation Applications

Our electricity-to-electricity energy storage modules enable the seamless transformation of natural gas power plants into renewable energy storage facilities. The RedoxBlox energy storage module replaces the combustor present in existing gas turbine engines. The module size ranges from the MWh scale for micro gas turbines in smart-grid applications to the GWh scale for large-scale natural gas combined cycle power plants.

micro gas turbines

100+ kWe
1+ MWhth

gas turbines

100+ MWe
1+ GWhth

Industrial Heat Applications

Our electricity-to-heat energy storage modules provide high-grade, carbon-free, industrial heat while replacing natural gas with renewable electricity. The module size ranges from the MWh to the hundreds of GWh scale. Industrial heat users include all industries that currently use natural gas as a heat source. Examples of end use equipment that can leverage RedoxBlox energy storage modules include drying ovens, steam boilers, metallurgical foundry furnaces, cement calciners, steam crackers, among others.

drying ovens

100+ kWth

1+ MWhth

steam boilers

1+ MWth

10+ MWhth

melting furnaces

10+ MWth

100+ MWhth


1+ GWth

10+ GWhth

steam crackers

10+ GWth

100+ GWhth