Arrabawn teams up with RedoxBlox, Climeaction, and VIOTAS to unveil groundbreaking heat battery tech in Ireland

In a move marking a significant step forward in renewable energy utilisation in the food and dairy industry, Arrabawn has joined forces with RedoxBlox, Climeaction, and VIOTAS to introduce an innovative heat battery technology, a first of its kind both in Ireland and within the food and dairy sector globally.

The RedoxBlox thermochemical heat battery is a pioneering solution capable of storing excess electricity generated during peak renewable energy periods.

Convert and store this energy as chemical and sensible heat energy

It utilises a thermochemical redox reaction process to convert and store this energy as chemical and sensible heat energy, which can then be deployed as heat to replace fossil fuels.

This technology has energy density on par with Li-Ion and 3-5x that of a state-of-the-art conventional heat battery. This technology also stands out for its ability to generate heat up to a maximum temperature of 1,500 degrees Celsius.

Arrabawn has long worked in energy efficiency within the dairy sector. This collaboration represents the next phase in its transformative energy journey. The initiative brings together four key partners: RedoxBlox: the innovators behind the heat battery technology. Climeaction: climate action solutions provider specialising in large industrial and food and dairy decarbonisation. VIOTAS: specialists in demand-side management technology, tasked with integrating the heat battery with the smart grid.

Multimillion-euro investment project

This multimillion-euro investment project is not just a leap in industrial heating and smart grid innovation in Ireland, but it also promises significant carbon savings.

The technology demonstrates the potential for wide-scale application in sectors traditionally challenging to decarbonise, especially those requiring high-temperature heat.

The project underlines Ireland’s commitment to cutting-edge renewable energy solutions and sets a global precedent in the sustainable transformation of the food and dairy industry. The collaborative effort between Arrabawn, RedoxBlox, Climeaction, and VIOTAS is a testament to the power of partnership in driving forward the green revolution.

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